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Hospital OPD/IPD Software In Odoo

Hospital OPD/IPD Management CRM & ERP Software

A Hospital Management system plays a vital role in hospitals which help you to manage all the administrative processes easily and it can act as a comprehensive system for Hospitals.

Our Hospital OPD/IPD software is user friendly and web based solutions for your Hospitals. It is managing OPD, IPD, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Reporting and complete User Management. This software is not only providing an opportunity to enhance the patient care but also increase the profitability of the software. 

Hospitals can eliminate the paperwork and maintain Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) digitally using our Patient Management. 

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IPD Management :- To administer the IPD Department of Hospital, IPD Hospital Management Software is extremely helpful. This software makes it simple to handle the hospital's indoor patient department's processes.

OPD Management :- OPD Administration Software is a comprehensive software solution for hospital OPD management computerized record keeping and data processing. OPDMS is an all-inclusive hospital information system for outpatient registration, care, billing, and reporting that includes patient data.

Patient Management :- For automated record keeping and data processing of OPD administration in hospitals, OPD Management Software is a full software solution. OPDMS is a comprehensive hospital information system for outpatient registration, treatments, billing, and reporting with patient details.

Doctor Management :- The Doctors Management System is a low-cost appointment calendar for the Receptionist. Doctors may use this to manage clinics. Patients, physicians, appointments (meetings), patient visits, patient reports, and invoices/payments can all be created.

Pharmacy Management :- A full-featured Odoo Hospital management software with customized features will assist you in managing the efficient running of a laboratory in an effective manner. Persons at the pharmacy may quickly cross-check the data with the doctor's prescription and avoid errors.

Laboratory Management :- This Module Includes Hospital Lab Requests, Lab Tests, Lab Reports, and Invoicing Flow. Your lab may handle samples and related data, integrate instruments, and automate operations by utilizing a LIMS.

User Management :- The User Management Module allows you to manage the application's scope of access as well as the material visible to devoted users.

Radiology Management :- A radiology information system (RIS) is a networked software system that manages medical imaging and data. A radiology imaging system (RIS) is notably effective for monitoring radiological imaging requests and payment information.

Patient Management 

OPD Management 

Doctor Management

IPD Management

Pharmacy Management 

Radiology Management

Laboratory Management

User Management

Why Choose Odoo Hospital Management System?

QUICK SETUP :- Setting up the Odoo Hospital Management System is easy. It will help you save time. There won't be anarchy.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY :- It increase productivity and ease daily activities. Software should make users' daily duties easier, enabling them to complete their jobs more quickly and accurately. As a result, there is a considerable decrease in potential human mistake and a significant boost in job efficiency.

IMPROVE REPUTATION :- Your hospital's reputation is crucial in the fiercely competitive modern world. People now rely more on automated systems than on manual ones. High levels of confidence are fostered in the procedures and systems.

REDUCE LEAKAGES :- Through open communication between physicians and patients, Odoo Hospital Management Software helps healthcare practitioners increase patient safety.

STREAMLINE WORKFLOW :- It benefits the company in a variety of ways, including keeping up with the most recent developments and managing rules and processes in relation to claims, enrollment, supplier networks, and member benefits.

AFFORDABLE PRICE :- The administration of the hospital is assisted by this software in lowering operating costs. Since ERP can precisely track finances and inventory levels, the management can reduce the costs brought on by inventory and administrative mistakes. 

Maintain Patient Demographic Information and Medical Records 

Maintain Information about Doctors

  • a) OPD will be generated by a receptionist and it will be sent to a Doctor where the Doctor can prescribe Medicine, Laboratory, Radiology etc from their account.

  • B) Once the OPD has been finished by the doctor, It will be sent to various departments based on prescription. i.e Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology

A) Our software has facility to admit the patient if it is recommend by the doctor
B) Medical Officer can admit patient by selecting available rooms
C) Facility to add daily summary while patient is admit
D) Discharge summary report which contains complete information about all the treatment of Patients during admit
E) Complete Reports for all admitted patients, allocated and vacant rooms
F) Room Management
Configuration of Rooms with complete Bed distribution based on Room Capacity
User can add Room Facilities

A) User can add medicine prescribed by Doctor
B) User can manage stock of all the medicines

A) User can manage all the Laboratory Reports which is prescribed by doctor
B) Based on advice by doctor user can see all prescribed laboratory reports

Based on advice by doctor users can see all prescribed Radiology reports.

  • A) Generate dynamic OPD reports with various Filters
    B) Generate Discharge Summary Report
    C) Dynamic IPD reports with different parameters
    D) Laboratory Reports
    4) Radiologist Reports
    5) Bed Distribution Reports

User Management With Proper Access Rights 

Manage Various type of users like Admin, Receptionist, Doctor, Medical Officer, Laboratory, Radiologist, Pharmacy, government user to view system

Admin: Admin user can manage each and every portion of system, this user will be master user to manage the whole system.

Receptionist: When patient visit hospital then first responsible user will be receptionist to manage patient and OPD

Doctor: Once OPD generated then doctor can have OPD(case paper) of particular patient to prescribe

Medical Officer: This User contains authority of all doctors OPD, manage admitted patients(IPD),room, bed and all facilities.

Laboratory: During OPD Doctor prescribe laboratory report to patient then lab user can see from own account to see report prescribed by doctor

Radiologist: During OPD Doctor prescribe Radiology report to patient then radiology user can see from own account to see report prescribed by doctor

Pharmacist: Pharma users can manage inventory of medicine, check prescribed medicine by doctor in OPD and generate customer bills for sold medicine.

Government User: In hospital, there is a rule like government body who can look how many OPD, hospital is generating in particular period, so this is a user that hospital can give to government, it's only read only access this user have

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