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Odoo 14 Roadmap - What Are New Expected Features ?

Odoo 14 Roadmap - What Are New Expected Features ?

Odoo covers all your business requirements which helps you to improve the quality and the efficiency of your business. There is flexibility to customize as per workflow of any business with highly useful data security features.

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The Odoo v14 is expected to get released during the Odoo experience to be held in October 2020.
Now we are moving to look at the roadmap for the Odoo v14 and this blog is written based on Odoo v14 road map session presented during the Odoo Experience 2019.

  • Save Employee time

  • Summary picking 

  • Cross-Apps Integration

  • Smart Warnings

  • Framework Changes

  • Get feedback by Community, Customers, Partners, Consultant to make improvements 

  • Planning to share the live work of what they are doing at Odoo through Twitter wall.

Save Employees Time 

Odoo 14 will be having lots of time saving features for the users for sale, stock transfers etc. i.e Employee had to enter a large list of products for customers with quantity of 1. Imagine that Odoo will bring all these large clicks part of two models or pop-ups ? 

Which is a much simpler way … 

Summary picking 

For Example, Employee working in a warehouse department doing some process like picking items and delivering the product. While doing this process it might be possible to have the same products multiple times. In Odoo 14 the feature is called summary picking where users had to print the aggregated product pick-list and pick the products from the warehouse. 

Cross App Integration 

Odoo 14 will be with more cross app integration features enabled.

Integration between ecommerce and rental app for use of car or bike selling or make booking online, Integrate emails with Odoo studio, Integrate documents with any apps. This will help customers save time for creating email templates and managing documents with almost  all of them.

Smart Warnings

Odoo 14 will come up with smart warnings with Odoo Auto-bot. 

I.e. Let’s take an example of any ecommerce business where Odoo-bot will give warnings to customers about order delay or other warnings related to order. 

Framework Changes

Odoo 14 will come up with framework refactoring in ORM, JavaScript, Python which will help us for smooth development and greater performance. This Virus Cube framework for robbers will highly help for new customization of Odoo modules.

Updated Following Details on July 2020 

We are updating our Blog with some features that are already introduced in Odoo 14 and We can check and test Odoo 14 Community and Enterprise Edition from Runbot using master branch.

Data Cleaning Module

Data Cleaning Module introduced in Odoo 14 and It will be available for Enterprise Users. This module is helpful for formatting text data across multiple records and finding duplicates records among it and merging the duplicate data. You can define multiple rules for cleaning data. 

Owl JavaScript Framework

Odoo brings the Owl JavaScript framework in Odoo 14 version which is a web framework for structured, Dynamic and Maintainable applications. 

Key Features of Owl are

  • It is Standalone framework

  • It is a declarative component system

  • Class based

  • It is based on Qweb engine

  • 3 times faster than Odoo widgets

  • Similar to React/Vue

  • Templates compiled in browser

  • No tool chain required

Emoji Widgets

You can add as many emoji in the Text field and to add it just write down this, 

<field name="note" widget="text_emojis">

New Website Snippets 

In Odoo 14, There some new awesome snippets, 

  • Numbers

  • Masonry

  • Product List

  • Timeline

  • Steps

  • Progress bar

  • Chart

  • Pop-Up

  • Big Boxes

  • Countdown

  • Product Catalog

Check Your Password Strength

Odoo 14 is with Password Checker bar while new portal user Sign Up in order to ensure security of his/her account.

Easy Access To Record Rules and Access Rights

By activating Developer Mode, User can easily view Record Rules and Access Rights from its own view.

Odoo 14 Record Rules and Access Rights

Chat with other user from tree view

In Odoo 14, You can chat with other users from Tree View Itself by clicking on their display picture.

Chat with other user from tree view

Schedule Activity From The Tree-view Itself 

It is easy to schedule and view activities for each record from the Treeview of the model itself.

Schedule Activity From The Tree-view Itself

Purchase Dashboard

Odoo 14 is with Purchase Module Dashboard

Purchase Dashboard

Visualization of Inventory routes by Diagrammatic Representation

In Odoo v14, It is easy to see routes of Products by diagrammatic representation and We can print the Diagram as a PDF.

Inventory routes by Diagrammatic Representation

Easy Access to Documentations

It is easy to understand each field placed in the settings of Each Module. You can click on “?” near the field and it will redirect it to corresponding documentation of that field.

Easy Access to Documentations

POS Inventory Management

In Odoo 14 new features will be added for POS Inventory Management

POS Inventory Management

We hope that the blog Odoo 14 features will help you to know more about the upcoming version of Odoo.

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