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How To Configure Point Of Sale In Odoo 13 ?

How To Configure Point Of Sale In Odoo 13 ?

Let’s have a discussion about Odoo 13 Point Of Sale with complete guidelines.  It is very easy, fast and simple to manage your sales, stock, accounting and shipping in Odoo Point Of Sale which helps your business to make it fast and smooth with a fully integrated Odoo POS Application.

Definitely Odoo POS has a lot of features. Odoo POS is fully integrated with the Accounting, CRM and Inventory Application. In POS any transaction will be automatically registered in your stock and accounting and you can also identify customers from CRM apps. Odoo POS application is based on a simple, user friendly interface. You can use this application online or offline on iPads, Android tablets or laptops.


  1. Products

  2. Customer

  3. Payments Methods

Let’s look in brief.

To Configure of Product for Point Of Sale:

Now you can configure a product in the POS direct, or Sales, Inventory module.

Enable “Available in POS” checkbox to show your product in POS. also set POS categories like fruits, vegetables, Beverages, bread etc.

Configure your POS Shop:

Open POS -> Click on manage (3 dot) button -> Click on Setting

From the settings you can enable the Restaurant and their POS Interface.You can manage table management, Orderline notes, restrict product category, set start category.

You can enable the payment method.

It is easy to add a new payment method in Odoo POS by clicking on “Payment Methods” and  you can create new payment methods. 

Choose that newly created payment method in the payment method many2one field.

  • Connected Devices

In the connected devices section you canadd your POS Box, IOT Box, Barcode Scanner in POS. add your device IP address in your pos setting.

  • Pricing

In the pricing section you can use the various options like Loyalty Program, Product Prices, Global Discounts, Pricelist option, Advanced Pricelist, Price Control, etc.

  • Loyalty

Let’s configure the loyalty program in the Odoo Point Of Sale. Select “Loyalty Program” and Save it.

Loyalty functionality allows you to Retain your customers by encouraging repeat purchases.We can provide various kinds of rewards as gifts, POS resale and a discount to our customers. This loyalty program will help to determine how customers can get points with their purchases and what kind of motive they can send them.

Now you have to decide what type of program you wish to use, if the reward is a discount or a gift, then make it for particular products or cover your whole range. Apply rules so that it is only valid in specific situations and everything in between.

Loyalty Program Name: An identification of the loyalty program.

Points per currency: The loyalty points are given to the customer by sold currency

Points per order: The loyalty points are earned for specific products/categories

Points per product: The loyalty points are given to the customer by products sold

Points rounding: The loyalty point amounts are rounded to multiple.

Rules: How loyalty points are earned for particular products or categories.

Defines Rules as per your company requirement.

  • Bills & Receipts

In the bill $ receipts section you can find Header & Footer - you can customize your bill content, Automatic Receipt Printing, Reprint Receipt, Invoicing - you can print invoice of your client  etc.

Create your first PoS session

Now you can start your first sales through Point Of Sale. From Dashboard, You can see 

all your Point Of Sale sessions and you can also start a New Session as well.

Create a “New Session” from the button (New Session) in Point of Sale which will start with a POS interface and use POS interface select the various categories of products. 

You can “split” Bill on click on “Split”. This functionality each of the payments will be created from a different journal item. It also aids you in closing the PoS. 

Reprint Bill on click on “Bill”.This functionality in the settings, helps the cashier to reprint the bill.

You can set a customer on click on “Customer”.  You can create new customers directly from POS by clicking on the userplus button.

Once  selecting the customer  and an order is completed, you can register the payment. click on the “Payment” button for the next payment method.

You can see all the Payment Methods i.e Cash, Bank, Debit/Credit Card on the left side of the screen where you can select one of the payment method and enter the received amount and validate the payment.

You can see payment methods, and product details in receipt.

You can register the next orders.

  • Close the session

At the end of the day you will close your session. Click on the “close” button.

You can see the all transactions summary in the POSsession. Click on “Validate Closing & Post Entries” button close POS session.

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